Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Sign Language

  My family and I attended a local baby sign language class.  This method of communication is purported to help with cognitive development, decrease tantrums, and improve a child's communication development, and if you use American Sign Language, you have a child who can communicate in another way!  It sounds so great to us that we just had to see what it was all about. 
       We were informed of the benefits,  learned basic signs and were instructed in how to sign in context so that the child can begin to gain an understanding.  The other baby in our class was there because he had developmental delays and was instructed to come by his doctor.  That boosted my confidence in its practical uses. It is said that Baby Sign language is best started around 6 months, but some people begin signing right away when their babies are born. 
       We have begun trying to implement it, but so far, it's been difficult for us.  The baby hardly ever looks at us while we try to do it, and we feel a little big like we're failing! 
      Do you have a signing baby? How were you successful?

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