Friday, September 28, 2012

Milk Sharing Made Easy

      Many women who have extra milk, may be shying away from milk sharing because they do not understand how simple the shipping process is for the donor. Today is the day I ship my milk, so I will make a short walk through to display the ease.
      As the sender, you will need some dry ice or dry ice alternative and a styrofoam box to ship the milk.  I recommend dry ice alternative.  They can be purchased here (Dry Ice Packs Shipping Kits) by the recipient and mailed directly to the senders house at no cost to the donor. When you receive the box, there are excellent instructions on how to handle the dry ice packs. Simply put you hydrate them for a short time, then freeze them for the specified time, and they are prepared for shipping.  The dry ice alternative could NOT be easier.  Once your ice is prepped you are ready to get your milk.  Mine is in a freezer bag in my deep freeze.

        I lined the bottom of the styrofoam box with the dry ice alternative.  After the ice, I layered the milk adding ice packs along the way to keep the cold distributed. 

       Below, the dry ice pack alternative known as 'Techi-Ice' can be seen. 

        All filled and packed with the rest of the ice.  It is ready to be shipped!  I have my recipient send money for shipping through Paypal which can transfer directly to your bank account without sharing your information.  Another possibility is having a check mailed to you if your identity/information is not a consideration. 

          Lastly, you take your box with the recipient's address to the post office and ask to express ship a perishable item.  Ask to have it sent within 24 hours.  Where I am located I have to have the box at the post office by 3PM to ensure that it will arrive the next day by 3PM.  Pay the shipping fee with money from your recipient and you're done.  Do expect the shipping fee to be somewhat costly.  You have now given the gift of the perfect food to another baby! 


  1. Wow that's a lot of milk! You go girl

  2. You're telling me! Me have no room for meat because we have deep freeze full! I shipped 32+ lbs of milk today but could easily have shipped 100lbs if I had a big enough box! I'm just glad I can help another sweet baby.